G-Prime.net  is a website dedicated to the motherboard as well as a buying guide of motherboard for all kinds of CPUs and configurations.

We agree that there needs to be a simpler way to find the information you are searching for online without reading loads of needless text or boring videos that won’t get to the point immediately. We strive to make it enjoyable and available to all – particularly constructing your PC.

Our Mission

Our main objective here is to give our user the best recommendation of PC parts for his/her upcoming PC, as well as an unbiased review of the product.

Our main aim is to clarify advanced topics as quickly as possible so that everyone can find what they’re searching for right away, although we’re also discussing each subject in depth.

The people behind G-Prime.net are themselves proud gamers too. We do have engineers on the team with advanced computers. We are here for you and other guests or viewers to help.

Our mission is not only to stuff content on the website but to provide valuable reviews about different gaming products online. You will get reliable and authentic product reviews and would better be able to decide the right products for your exact needs.

Meet Our Team

Elisha Harry (Owner)

Hey Techies!

These is Elisha, owner of G-Prime. I was born and brought up in New York. From early age I was very much interested about new gadgets and tech in the market.

In my high school I started taking interest in PC gaming and also about gaming components required for high level gaming.

That time I used to guide new creators and gamers around me with the best components in the market at their budget for their work.

Later on I decided to open this website to help people all around the globe with their queries regarding motherboards and tripods.

You can reach me at elisha@g-prime.net. Take Care!😊

Mark Wood (Research Manager)

This is Mark, at your service. I am heading the research team at G-Prime.

I am having knowledge about motherboards and its components since college.

All the models that you see here are selected by me and personally tested by me before bringing it here. We also do frequent surveys on different forums about the products we recommend here.

Any queries? Feel free to reach me at connectgprime@gmail.com

Signing Off!!! 👍

Thomas Pelva (Content Manager)

What’s Up? I am Thomas the chief content manager of G-Prime. I did my high school from LA and currently situated in Denver.

When we search something on the internet, it is very important to get accurate results without any errors. Therefore my teams works hard to bring out the awesome content that you read here. After the research work is done, it’s our job to frame the content in a proper flow and bring out to you.

Well I am working in the tech field from last 5 years, and therefore I am confident with the information I give out to you people here.

Feel free to reach me at thomas.pelva@g-prime.net.

Also check our Facebook Page for updates.

Mailing Address: 4079 Anmoore Road, Elmsford, NY, US, 10523.