How To Know What RAM Is Compatible With My PC Easily At Home?

How To Know What RAM Is Compatible With My PC Easily At Home? [2023]

In this article “How to know what RAM is compatible with my PC” we will discuss, how we will know that which RAM is congenial with my PC or how much RAM capacity is needed. Not only that we will know what is RAM or memory modules, Important Things to Consider When Buying RAM, What if I Need Much RAM modules for My Old desktop PC but also many other things.

What is RAM?

So, let’s start with the basics, RAM stands for Random Access Memory. Similar to a computer’s hard drive the RAM also stores data, however, the RAM module generally has lower data capacity than a hard drive. So, what’s the use of the RAM? 

The RAM stores certain data temporarily for easy access to the computer. The computer can access data faster from RAM than it can from a HDD because desktop RAM or the laptop RAM has better RAM speed or clock speed than secondary storage. So certain files are temporarily saved on the available RAM. So, in effect, we can sort of compare the HDD and RAM to the human brain. The HDD is the long-term memory, and the RAM is the short zone but it has faster speeds. 

When an end user starts a program for quick access, the computer will copy some necessary files for running the program from the HDD or the SSD to the same generation of dimm slots. Games or video editing softwares also use enough RAM, when a game’s loading screen is on. All the games copy the necessary files in the dual in line memory module for determine compatibility. 

During loading screen software or game copies required files from the HDD or the SSD into the compatible RAM modules for temporarily. The RAM modules can be accessed quicker than the hard drive even from SSD, so the game doesn’t stutter much. If we left the data stored on the HDD, then he will take too long to load up the files for the game such as the character and the surrounding. 

As soon as you quit the game or finish the level, the game deletes the data stored temporarily in the RAM. Basically, RAM is the primary memory that has lower capacity and is faster than HDD or SSD and the memory is volatile. 

Important Things To Consider When Buying A RAM


The motherboard will support a certain frequency of RAM. If you use RAM with lower frequency then you will have to sacrifice the performance. Not only frequency but there are also other aspects too for compatibility. 


To power a RAM, you need a power supply. Different RAMs need different amounts of voltage. To make sure of it, you have to know how much voltage your motherboard can supply to the RAM.

Amount of RAM Required

The requirement of RAM depends upon the user. A PC is recommended at least 2 GB of RAM to run any kind of system. If you are doing heavy use or doing multitask, you should use 4GB of RAM. If you are building a basic gaming PC, you need to definitely go for 4-6 GB of RAM, if you want you can use dual channel RAM for a better gaming experience.

32 Or 64 Bits

If you are using a 32-bit Operating System, then 4 GB RAM is enough. But if you use more than 4 GB of RAM, you should shift to a 64-bit operating system to take total advantage of your RAM capability.

RAM Type: There are a lot of RAM types in the market like DDR3, DDR4, etc. You have to be sure about the kind of RAM, the RAM slot of the motherboard supports. If your motherboard supports DDR4 RAM and you are using DDR3, then you will face huge cut down in performance. 

What if I Need More Ram For My Old PC?

Sometimes we use a PC for a long time. During this time period, there’s a large change in micron technology. Most of the modern operating systems and applications and software require more RAM maximum capacity for working smoothly, so we have to increase the capacity of RAM sometimes. If you need more RAM, then you should buy a RAM compatible with your PC and you have to put it in the RAM slot.

In modern days, there are almost 4 RAM slots present, but in older generation motherboard you will get at least 2 slots to install the RAM. So it is also a very serious issues that how many slots motherboards support while buy RAM or in time of RAM upgrade.

How To Know What RAM Is Compatible With My PC?

To see which RAM is congenial with your system, go to the official website of your motherboard, and you will get the list of RAMs and its frequencies which will be compatible with your motherboard. 

Identifying Using Stickers On The RAM Sticks

If you observe a RAM module closely, you will see there was a sticker or model number on the RAM sticks or RAM slots. The company name will be printed over there clearly. Next, you will notice some alphabets and numbers in a line. The first part of that line mentions maximum RAM capacity, next to the rank will be mentioned, the next number of ranks after that the memory type will be mentioned there, next memory bandwidth speed in MB/s and module type or form factor is mentioned and next to the CL, SPD revision, Gerber revision and lastly the DATA Rate will be mentioned in that line. 

Identifying Using Third-Party Apps

You can identify your RAM or he random access memory using some third-party apps also like CPU-Z or Speccy.

CPU-Z shows performance tab, memory clock cycles or you can use the task manager to show the stats of the whole system in the windows or in the most modern PCs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How To Know What RAM Is Compatible With My PC FAQ

Can I put any RAM on my PC?

Ans: No, you cannot just put any kind of faster RAM modules into your PC. You have to check which RAM sticks are congenial with your processor and motherboard and choose your correct RAM accordingly. 

How to check RAM compatibility?

Ans: To check the compatible RAM, you should visit the official website of your motherboard and you will get detailed information that what kind of RAM does your motherboard support. 

How do I know what RAM is congenial with my motherboard?

Ans: Just simply search the name of your motherboard on the internet and you will get the official website of it. You will get all information regarding the compatible RAMs over there.


So here it is all about compatibility and identifying a RAM stick and we hope now you can understand clearly that how to know what RAM is compatible with my PC. We have mentioned all the expected ways from which you can understand the compatibility. If you like our content then let us know in the comment section below.

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