How to Restart Graphics Card

How to Restart Graphics Card? – The Easy Method [2023]

Those who are well known about the composition of a computer will know what a graphics card is? Sometimes we need to restart or reset our graphics card because we face several problems and disturbances during the use. Today in this article we are going to discuss How to Restart Graphics Cards on the desktop. So, stay tuned to know in detail.

What Is A Graphics Card? 

This article is for all who don’t even know what a graphics card is. So, let’s discuss what a graphics card is. In modern computers, this work is accomplished by the graphics card. GPU is a term with which many are familiar with but might not have an understanding, how it works and all. 

Now a graphics card is like a small version of the entire computer but dedicated to the task of figuring out how to put images on your screen. Particularly images that represent a three-dimensional world. Like a computer, a graphics card has its own processor inside it known as the GPU or the graphics processing unit. 

Difference Between GPU and CPU

The GPU to your graphics card is what the CPU is to the computer as a whole. The primary difference between a GPU and CPU is: how many cores they have. The cores of a processor are like small calculators that can very quickly do the calculations required for your computer to think. A modern CPU usually has about 8 cores at least while a modern graphics card has anywhere between 1000 to 4000 of them. Although a CPU has fewer cores, each core in the CPU is far more powerful than each one in the graphics card, this is because CPUs are used for things like logic and instructions which can get very complicated.

A CPU can do really complicated things at once while a GPU can do thousands of very simple things at once. 

How To Recover From A Freeze

Here, we come with a quick tutorial today. We are going to show you a potential solution to different freezing and black screen errors you might be getting on your windows computer, so this tutorial is going to be over different power options.

We are going to open up the start button, then you have to type in power options and the best manager that comes up should say power options directly above the control panel. So, you have to left-click on that one time to open it up. Next, you have to click on the change settings option, then go to change advanced power settings, then go to PCI express. Then to link state power management, whatever the settings are where you want to click inside or right there are basically moderate power savings, you have to click on the little drop-down arrow that appears, you have to set it to off and then you should click on apply and ok.

If that does not work for you and you want to restore it back, what you have to do is to click on the restore default settings for the plan, or if you want to change advanced power settings then open the previous screen again and you can restore the default settings. After that restart your computer to apply the changes completely without any error.

How To Restart Graphics Card?

Now, we will tell you how you can restart your graphics card drivers without restarting your PC. This is extremely easy to do and can only be done in Windows 10, it will restart any NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel graphics card drivers.

Now to restart your graphics card all you need to do is to simply hold down the windows key then, hold down control and then shift and press B (Win+Ctrl+Shift+B). Your screen will go black for a second and then it will restore your display. This is a fantastic way to resolve any freeze or glitch problems you are currently facing with the display and would normally require a restart.

Remove & Update Corrupt Display Or Graphics Driver

A) Uninstall The Drivers Using Device Manager

You can go to the windows menu and just search about device driver manager so you will get that option, you can click on that and open it. You will see, it gives you a list of all the device drivers which are available in the device manager. Now if you want to update or uninstall the graphic drive you can see a right arrow pointing, you can click on that arrow and you can find the sub drivers and make a right-click on the graphic driver and you will get the update, uninstall, disable that kind of options, you can click on that and you can perform it.

B) Uninstall The Drivers From Control Panel

Go to the search button, write there control panel. Click on it. Next, go to the programs, you will find the graphics driver over there. Right-click on it and you will get the uninstall option, click on it to remove the driver.

But uninstalling from the Device Manager is easier and recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Restart Graphics Card FAQ

What do you do when your graphics card stops working?

Ans: When your graphics card stops working you can restore your graphics card driver, uninstall it and then update it, or if it is a hardware-related issue, you can clean the graphics card. Most of the time these steps will solve your problems.

How do I restart my graphics driver Windows 10?

Ans: In windows 10, you can use Win+Ctrl+Shift+B Shortcut to restart your graphics driver.

Why do we need to restart when changing graphics cards (Intel-Nvidia)?

Ans: Because you might face some issues due to overheating or the backdated driver.


Several times we face a lot of screen freezing and blackout issues for corrupted drivers, old drivers, etc. To fix it we have to remove and update it sometimes or we have to restore it. Our article on how to restart graphics card will help you to fix this problem on your own and it will give you some knowledge about what a graphics card is and the difference between a GPU and a CPU.

So if you still have any doubts, then feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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