how to tell if your graphics card is dying

How To Tell If Your Graphics Card Is Dying? – Read These Signs! [2023]

If you are a gamer or productive user, then you are well known as to what a Graphics Card is? If you want to play video games or do video editing or render the discrete GPU, a dedicated Graphics Card is a mandatory component for such things.

GPU is a kind of component that is so easy to diagnose. You will get lots of articles on “ How to tell if your graphics card is dying ” but in this article, you will simply get the basic information and cause of GPU failing or dying. So, stay tuned!

There are some websites or YouTube channels that are saying that the graphics card is dying because you are facing some warning signs like some minor frame drops or blue screens or many major problems in your computer system. But basically, those issues can be software-related problems also.

Therefore, let’s discuss what causes a graphics cards or graphics processing unit or GPU to die.

What Causes a GPU to Fail?

There are some reasons which might be the cause of the GPU to fail or for what the GPU is dying. If you play games which use a lot of resources, the CPU can fail. Your CPU can be a cause of GPU failure. May be the GPU driver became outdated and that is why there is an error code display in the computer screen. Check motherboard error codes for outdated drivers. There are some other reasons also. We will discuss these points below.

Dust and Grime On The Video Card

Lot of dust and grime particles are there in the air, and when the GPU fans are sucking air for cooling purpose, it also brings the dust and grime particles that are accumulated inside the video card and affects it and making the PC unusable due to bad graphics card failure. So, you need to clean it using the compressed air.

Inappropriate Fitting Of GPU

A lot of people did not install their video cards in their motherboards properly, which affected the video card badly due to faulty connectivity. If you do not plug into the motherboard’s PCIe X16 slot, then it may not work properly due to inappropriate fitting.

Faulty PSU

If you are using a power supply that is faulty for a long period of time, the GPU will fail for sure. Power cords and source of power supply are the most important things. If there is any inappropriate power surge to the Graphics card then it may damage not only the GPU but also the other internal components as well.

Bad Ventilation

If your computer case does not have much ventilation area or the ventilation area is blocked by anything else like dust particles or any other cover, then your GPU will heat up a lot, and this excessive heat can destroy your video card also. The internal thermal paste might be dry and make the new graphics card to bad GPU or the dead card.

Manufacturing Fault

Sometimes we buy a graphics card that has faulty components due to faulty manufacture by companies. That is not a serious issue until you cannot identify while buying or jump-start your system. You can simply redeem the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Incompatible Installation

If you install a graphics card with an incompatible motherboard or processor, it will affect your GPU and also other PC components. Suppose your motherboard is very old and it does not have the PCIe Gen 3 X16 port in it but you buy a new GPU like a RTX Graphics card to get better frame rates and GPU’s performance all which is Gen 3 ready and is not compatible with the Gen 2 port, so if you plugged in that graphics card into that unsupported X16 port though, the system cannot detect the GPU because the motherboard doesn’t support that. This is why a few things like video cable, display adapters you should connected properly.

Static Overload During Installation

Sometimes people install or build a pc with naked hands which becomes the cause of static overloading. So before starting the PC building process, you should touch any metal to discharge your whole body from static electricity. Or, use  gloves.

Moisture On GPU

Sometimes due to humidity and moisture, components are stuck into the video card which become the cause of GPU damage.

The Broken Bearing Of The Cooling Fans

Due to the broken ball bearing of the cooling fan of the GPU, it faces lots of heating issues that affect the graphic card. So you should check whether all the fans of the Graphics card are working properly or not. If any of them is not working, then you should take care and try to fix them because if there is any excessive heat inside the GPU then the Graphics card’s internal can get damaged.

Physical Damage

Due to physical damage, a GPU can totally die. Suppose the PC falls accidentally, then it may damage the Graphics card and other internal components as well. So, you should take care of them while moving them from one place to another.

Incompatible RAM

Lower-end RAM works like slow poison for the video card. You should take care of a few compatibility things like buying a very high-end RTX card but the RAM only supports the maximum frequency of 800 MHz or something like that, then the performance will not be great. To get the maximum performance or the best hardware compatibility, you have to use the other components which will be the best for the build.

We have discussed some causes of video card failure. And now we are going to discuss some signs of GPU failure.

How Do You Know If Your Graphics Card is Dying?

Now, we are going to discuss some of the general issues by noticing these issues you can identify that the Graphics card is Dying.

Screen Freezing Issue

Sometimes we notice some screen freezing issues in the display like frame drops or lags during heavy work or gaming, maybe it is for your graphics card but do not come to this conclusion just by seeing these problems because sometimes RAM failure, faulty monitor, SSD overheating, incompatible drivers, software problems or malware are the cause of such kinds of problems. But still, there is always a possibility of Graphics card failure or the dying graphics card.

Screen Glitches

When you are playing games or watching a movie and you experience a sudden hazard in screen color or any other screen glitches issues that means your Graphics card is not in a good condition, maybe it is because of the dying graphics card and that is why you are facing the screen glitches issues.

Strange Artifacts

Sometimes you can experience strange artifacts on the screen during any video-related work. This may be because of extreme overclocking, or heating issues. You can fix it by restarting your system, but it can’t be a permanent solution. If you have any kind of fault or computer crashes problem then it is because of the Graphics card dying, this type of problem will be experienced by you several times.

Blue Screen Of Death

The blue screen error codes problem can be there for a lot of reasons like RAM failure, Hard Disk failure, or maybe for dying GPU too. But if you notice that this thing happens every time, especially whenever you are going to do graphics-related work like you started a high graphics game or run software for video editing and all, then this Blue screen of death may be the problem of the Graphics card or the GPU drivers.

Fan Noise

There are some fans on the Graphics card. If any mechanical damage is there or there is some faulty ball bearing then this can be a cause of fan noise, so from hearing the noise you can identify that the Graphics card is ok or it is going to dying GPU.

Frequently Asked Questions:

how to tell if your graphics card is dying FAQ

How to tell if your graphics card is dying?

Ans: To check the performance of your graphics card or the dying GPU appearing on your PC, you should open the RUN command to check the graphics drivers. Then write the following comments to open the DirectX Diagnostic. Tool and press Enter: dxdiag.exe. Click the Display tab. On the right, under “Drivers,” check the Graphics card Driver Model information.

How long does a graphics card last?

Ans: A graphics card lasts for at least 10 years depending on its usage.

How do I know if my graphics card needs replacing?

Ans: If your computer takes several restarts when you are doing graphics-related work, or you are facing lots of visual glitches while playing games, or when the fan noise of your video card increases noticeably or sounds not as usual, this means it’s time for replacing the dead Graphics card.

How do I know if my GPU is dying?

Ans: If you face stuttering or blue screen issues in your computer screen with error codes, fan noise, or restating issues several times doing graphics-related work, it means the graphics card or the graphics processing unit is dying or the graphics card dies.


Nowadays, Graphics card has become a mandatory component of high-performance machines. So, if every time we have to visit a store or mechanic for general issues of Graphics card or for the dead graphics card which we can identify ourselves, or if we know why those problems are coming and we use our machine accordingly, we can save a lot of money and time. We hope this “how to tell if your graphics cards is dying” article will help you with this issue.

So if you still have any doubts, then feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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