How To Upgrade The Laptop Graphics Card

How To Upgrade The Laptop Graphics Card? – Easy Way [2023]

The newer laptop is known for its portability and lightweight. All components of a laptop are highly compressed to adjust themselves in narrow spaces. A lot of people use laptops for gaming and video editing or rendering job. But sometimes, the user feels that he needs a more powerful GPU in his or her laptop. 

If you are using gaming PCs, the upgradation of external GPU is not an issue at all to get better graphics, but when it comes to a new laptop or gaming laptops, people have lots of confusion about it and they are looking for an article or a video that gives information on how to upgrade the laptop graphics card. So, here we come to solve this problem of yours. 

Now, we will know if it is possible to upgrade the integrated graphics card on your new laptop? We have the answer for you right here.

Is It Possible To Upgrade The Integrated Graphics Cards On Your Laptop?

Frequently we have seen people ask, “If it’s possible to upgrade the graphics in a laptop?”, typically the answer is NO. But there are exceptions to this but in cases where your laptop has Intel HD graphics or Intel iris Xe graphics, generally, those graphics are built into the processor, which is known as integrated GPU, and so you have a single chip.

In the case of ultra-low voltage, which once also included the chipset as well and what’s called the PCH where all your head drives a peripheral attach and everything is built into that. You may have a laptop video card or AMD discrete graphics card as well which will be soldered down to the motherboard.

Don’t believe people who say you can just disorder and solder a new one, basically, you can’t. What you have when you buy the machine in that case external graphics cards is fixed in there for the life of the system. There are some exceptions to that like if you have an MXM module, but this kind of external graphics cards cannot be used in every laptop because the drive-in most laptops are to give them a slimmer, lighter sleeker profile.

There is a trick to connect a full-size desktop video card or the dedicated graphics cards with your laptop but it’s not a good option because it is not going to be compact and you have to carry it with you separately, which is basically impossible. But you can get better gaming performance when you upgrade your laptop’s graphics using this mobile GPU upgrade technique.Now we will see how we can upgrade a laptop dedicated graphics card with the stapes.

How To Upgrade The Laptop Graphics Card? 

Here, we will tell you how you can set up a dedicated graphics cards on a laptop. We will show you the cheapest way to set up an external dedicated GPU on your gaming laptop.

To set up external GPUs or video card in most gaming laptops, you need the EXP GDC mobile GPUs dock upgrade kit, which allows you to install a desktop graphics card on your laptop to play games. You can easily buy it from This magical device comes with a PCIe 3.0 slot, 8 pin power in socket, 12v DC in the socket, USB port and HDMI compatible port. 

Before you order this new device, do know that this device comes in five different versions with five different cables for a very old laptop. You can order the mobile PCI express module if you have the express card slot on your laptop, there is the mini PCIe cable for laptops manufactured before 2015. For new laptops, there is GFF version, there is Mac version and M.2 version too.

How To Set Up External Graphics Card?

Below are the steps for how to upgrade the laptop graphics card:

Step 1: You have to download your graphic card driver first. Just open your browser and type NVIDIA Geforce GTX drivers then go to the NVIDIA website and select which graphic card you have (same for AMD ones). Now you have to select the product type, series, product, OS & language. 

Step 2: Now, dismantle your graphics laptop and you have to find the wireless Lan card inside the laptop GPU cable. Bring the Wi-Fi LAN card out and put the external GPU cable into that.

Step 3: You have to disable the PXE boot to LAN. This is mandatory for installing external GPU.

Step 4: You have to power up the EXP GDC laptop graphics card dock with this power supply.

Step 5: Now insert the external GPU cable from the laptop and 6 pin power connectors from the PSU with the EXP GDC dock.

Step 6: Now put the graphics card on the PCIe slot. Add another power supply connector from the PSU to the graphic card.

Step 7: Open the laptop and install the graphic driver. You may have to restart the laptop once or twice to work properly. There you should check that if any BIOS update is needed or not.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How To Upgrade The Laptop Graphics Card FAQ

How do you change a graphics card on a laptop?

Ans: In most cases, it is almost impossible to upgrade the GPU technically.

How do you know if I can upgrade my laptop graphics card?

Ans: If you want to know how you can upgrade the most GPUs of the laptop, then you have to visit the official website of the product and you have to look at it. Basically, it is not possible for laptops. But if you want to set up an external full-length GPU with your laptop, you have to match the specifications of the laptop with the GPU you want to set up.

How can I improve graphics on my laptop?

Ans: To improve the graphic performance of your laptop, you have to clean it properly, set the power in an optimized way, close all the background software, you can overclock the GPU (graphics processing unit) also.

Can I upgrade my laptop’s graphics card?

Ans: Technically the answer is a big NO, but you can upgrade laptop GPUs with some other device externally which is not of much use because it reduces the portability and compactness of the laptop.


We already know how to upgrade the graphics card when you buy a new laptop. Basically, old GPU upgradation in many laptops is next to impossible. But using some tips and tricks you can set up the physical full-length discrete new GPU with your laptop, but it is not a practical solution at all. If you want to upgrade your laptop for more high gaming performance, video editing, watching videos related work, you can try the process we discussed in this article.

So if you still have any doubts, then feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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